viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

Low Power, Fully Differential Input/Output Amplifier/Driver Family



  • Adjustable Gain and Fixed Gain Blocks of 1, 2, 5 and 10
  • ±0.3% (Max) Gain Error from -40°C to 85°C
  • 3.5ppm/°C Gain Temperature Coefficient
  • 5ppm Gain Long Term Stability
  • Fully Differential Input and Output
  • CLOAD Stable up to 10,000pF
  • Adjustable Output Common Mode Voltage
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Swing
  • Low Supply Current: 1mA (Max)
  • High Output Current: 10mA (Min)
  • Specified on a Single 2.7V to ±5V Supply
  • DC Offset Voltage <2.5mV (Max)
  • Available in 8-Lead MSOP Package




The LTC®1992 product family consists of five fully differential, low power amplifiers. The LTC1992 is an unconstrained fully differential amplifier. The LTC1992-1, LTC1992-2, LTC1992-5 and LTC1992-10 are fixed gain blocks (with gains of 1, 2, 5 and 10 respectively) featuring precision on-chip resistors for accurate and ultrastable gain. All of the LTC1992 parts have a separate internal common mode feedback path for outstanding output phase balancing and reduced second order harmonics. The VOCM pin sets the output common mode level independent of the input common mode level. This feature makes level shifting of signals easy.
The amplifiers' differential inputs operate with signals ranging from rail-to-rail with a common mode level from the negative supply up to 1.3V from the positive supply. The differential input DC offset is typically 250µV. The rail-to-rail outputs sink and source 10mA. The LTC1992 is stable for all capacitive loads up to 10,000pF.
The LTC1992 can be used in single supply applications with supply voltages as low as 2.7V. It can also be used with dual supplies up to ±5V. The LTC1992 is available in an 8-pin MSOP package.





  • Differential Driver/Receiver
  • Differential Amplification
  • Single-Ended to Differential Conversion
  • Level Shifting
  • Trimmed Phase Response for Multichannel Systems


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