sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Fully-Differential Audio Operational Amplifier

High Performance, High Fidelity

Drives 600Ω loads with full output signal swing
Optimized for superior audio signal fidelity
Output short circuit protection
PSRR and CMRR exceed 100dB (typ)
Available in PSOP package

The LME49724 is an ultra-low distortion, low noise, high slew rate fully-differential operational amplifier optimized and fully specified for high performance, high fidelity applications. Combining advanced leading-edge process technology with state of the art circuit design, the LME49724 fully-differential audio operational amplifier delivers superior audio signal amplification for outstanding audio performance. The LME49724 combines extremely low voltage noise density (2.1nV/  ^Hz) with vanishingly low THD+N (0.00003%) to easily satisfy the most demanding audio applications. To ensure that the most challenging loads are driven without compromise, the LME49724 has a high slew rate of ±18V/μs and an output current capability of ±80mA. Further, dynamic range is maximized by an output stage that drives 600Ω loads to 52VP-P while operating on a ±15V supply voltage.
The LME49724's outstanding CMRR (102dB), PSRR (125dB), and VOS (0.2mV) results in excellent operational amplifier DC performance.
The LME49724 has a wide supply range of ±2.5V to ±18V. Over this supply range the LME49724's input circuitry maintains excellent common-mode and power supply rejection, as well as maintaining its low input bias current. The LME49724 is unity gain stable. This Fully-Differential Audio Operational Amplifier achieves outstanding AC performance while driving complex loads with capacitive values as high as 100pF.

 Power Supply Voltage Range±2.5V to ±18V
 THD+N  (AV = 1, VOUT = 3VRMS, fIN = 1kHz)
 RL = 2kΩ0.00003% (typ)
 RL = 600Ω0.00003% (typ)
 Input Noise Density2.1nV/  ^Hz (typ)
 Slew Rate±18V/μs (typ)
 Gain Bandwidth Product50MHz (typ)
 Open Loop Gain (RL = 600Ω)125dB (typ)
 Input Bias Current60nA (typ)
 Input Offset Voltage0.2mV (typ)
 DC Gain Linearity Error


Ultra high quality audio amplification
High fidelity preamplifiers and active filters
Simple single-ended to differential conversion
State of the art D-to-A converters
State of the art A-to-D input amplifiers
Professional Audio
High fidelity equalization and crossover networks
High performance line drivers and receivers



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